Seven Rules to Have a Strong Relationship


1. The Rule of Desirability.

People are similar to magnet, the opposites attract each other. You turn out to be, and appeal to the things you ponder.

2. The Rule of Cause and Effect.

Act towards your partner the manner you desire to be regarded.

3. The Rule of Love.

Love stands for recognition, trustworthiness, and sensitivity, compassion, readiness to offer, and bearing accountability. It denotes dependability, self-sacrifice, and bigheartedness. The further we impart, the further we acquire in return.

4. The Rule of Words.

Be cautious of the things you voice out. Tags, verbal abuse, and finger pointing produce the soul injuries that are hard to patch up. They have a long-lasting consequence. Make use of the control of words for sympathy, respect, support, and care.

5. The Rule of Trust.

In any kind of relationship or connection that is devoid of trust, a single person turns out to be doubtful, worried and filled with terror, and the different person feels sentimentally trapped. Suspicion is the distress of isolation and little self-confidence. Trust is an indispensable component of real love.

6. The Rule of Honesty.

You should talk to one another on the subject of your wishes, necessities, and emotional state. Let your companion be acquainted with that you fond and value your significant other.

7. The Rule of Giving.

Love is similar to a boomerang, it at all times moves back. In addition to this, the further you offer, the further you will receive in return. It may perhaps not every single time that it is love from the individual to whom you offered it, but then again it will, in spite of everything, turn back towards you. It is significant to recollect that we standby affection for the forthcoming. We do not waste it as soon as we offer it. And the only way to mislay the love that is inside of us is by not offering it to other people.

The Significant Roles of Trust and Respect in a Relationship

SL0019_500pxRelationships are not merely about love and passion. It is also about trust, accompanied by its twin sibling which is respect. If there is always trust and present, surely a relationship will be blessed by God.

When we trust people, we respect them. On the other hand, when we receive the trust f people, we let them respect us. There is likewise a certain invitation to prompt more respect among us.

However, analyzing both trust and respect, we can find out that both are not totally equal. Trust most of the time goes way advance before respect. When we give our trust, respect will be the end result. Of course, we may initially respect someone and consequently gain the person’s trust, but trust always takes the initiative.

Trust is a precious gift. When we grab a hold of the chance to give our trust to a certain person or a specific situation, we are bestowing a precious gift. We are handing something that can be deserved. However, because trust on most occasions involves a number of risks, we may be offering our trust which in some part is undeserved. This kind of risk can be beneficial, as it allows individuals to soar.

Moreover, there is something potent in the concern of being trusted. This is a call to diligence in which we, employing more care than of the usual, exert everything we can. As we are trusted, we always bring our very best. Being trusted is tantamount to being accepted. Being trusted is vital in any effort of a couple or a team. Being trusted is both an opportunity and gift that we never want to abuse.